General Rules
IMED Medical Center Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. exclusively treats children and operates under the name IMED Kids. Our priority is treating children whose parents collaborate in terms of treatment, proper oral hygiene, and follow-up visits on the dates prescribed by the doctor.
In our clinic, we treat the child as a partner, we tell them the truth, and we do not promise the impossible. We expect the same attitude from parents, which aids in conducting treatment and building the child’s trust in the doctor and the staff of our Center. The patient must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian or a person authorized in writing by the parent/legal guardian for all appointments. The choice of treatment method and its scope is determined by the Dentist.

Scheduling and Confirming Appointments
All patients are seen by appointment only, which can be made over the phone, in person, or via the internet. In exceptional and justified cases, the Doctor may refuse to see a patient if there is no direct threat to the patient’s life. Each visit is confirmed via SMS five days in advance. If the visit is not confirmed by the patient, we will attempt to contact them by phone twice. If contact with the parent/guardian cannot be established, the appointment will be canceled. If the Patient does not show up for a confirmed appointment, each subsequent scheduled appointment may be canceled. A fee of 100.00 PLN per 30 minutes (for the reserved time of the doctor, assistant, hygienist, and clinic readiness) is charged for each visit confirmed by the Patient. Please inform the registration desk of any changes to your phone number.

Canceling Appointments
It is the duty of the parent/guardian of the Patient to notify the Registration of the cancellation of an appointment at least 24 hours in advance. This can be done in person, by phone, or by using a link received via SMS confirming the appointment. The parent/guardian is responsible for effectively notifying the registration. This allows the registration to schedule a Patient from the waiting list or with urgent needs. The fee for not canceling an appointment is 100.00 PLN for each 30 minutes (for the reserved time of the doctor, assistant, hygienist, and clinic readiness).
Arriving more than 10 minutes late for an appointment is treated as a no-show and cancellation of the visit.

Visit Procedure
Our Center’s staff makes every effort to treat children comfortably and in a friendly environment. The best approach is to familiarize the child with the clinic and the staff during an adaptation visit. This helps to minimize stress during subsequent visits and facilitates cooperation with the doctor. The adaptation visit lasts 30 minutes and is recommended for every new patient of our center. During this visit, the doctor conducts a detailed medical interview with the parent/guardian.
For first-time patients and patients returning after more than twelve months since the last check-up, a dental examination will be performed during the visit.
During subsequent visits to the dental clinic, only one parent/guardian may accompany the child. The parent/guardian attending the visit is asked to sit in a place indicated by the clinic staff.

Sedation with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) requires special preparation. Two hours before the planned procedure, the child must not be given any drinks or food. If the child has eaten or drunk within 2 hours before the procedure, it must be canceled. In such a case, the fee for canceling the appointment is 100.00 PLN for each planned 30 minutes (for the reserved time of the doctor, assistant, hygienist, and clinic readiness). If the child vomits with visible undigested food content (which means they recently ate, and the clinic staff was not informed about this), the price of the performed treatment procedures will include a cleaning and disinfection fee of 200 PLN.

Patient Cooperation and Discontinuation of Treatment
In the vast majority of cases, we establish cooperation with children and perform necessary treatment. However, there are cases of uncooperative children. In such a situation, we will conduct 3 paid visits (adaptation/consultation and 2 for treatment). If it is not possible to carry out treatment during this time, we will propose other methods, such as general anesthesia or cooperation with a psychologist specializing in dento phobia.
Each visit to our Center is payable regardless of patient cooperation (for the reserved time of the doctor, assistant, hygienist, and clinic readiness).

Fillings in primary teeth are covered by a 6-month warranty. Fillings in permanent teeth are covered by a one-year warranty. The condition for maintaining the warranty and guarantee are control examinations and hygiene sessions on the dates specified by the doctor.

The parent/guardian is responsible for their children in the waiting room and play area. They are obligated to ensure the safety of the child and appropriate behavior that does not disrupt the normal operation of the clinic.